Intermediate – Advanced, Arrange a one to one consultancy/lesson in saxophone, improvising, composing, The ultimate saxophone gift: Story of the Saxophone book Gift & card all in one. But, if you drive from Sydney to Perth, or New York to Los Angeles, or Paris to Moscow and back again all in one week, then probably your tyres will only last … Every reed will get progressively softer and softer the more you play it. Same with reeds: unfortunately we can’t say whether a reed will last two weeks or three months. This is not such a problem for experienced players and professionals who know their abilities and so are generally confident that various issues are not their fault. I recommend the Rico Multi Instrument Reed Vitalizer Case that stores 8 reeds (saxes and clarinets) and has a Reed Vitalizer Pack that keeps the reeds at a good humidity level. If you've played one for three weeks, it's done well. I thought it was a fantastic question that everyone could learn from, so I thought that I’d share it here as a blog post. (Single Reeds) Is it time for a new reed? Many players like to uses these reeds in rotation, but as long as you have one or two ready that is the main thing. Please consider, Subscribe To Our (very occasional) Newsletter. How long will one Légère reed last? This is because it’s stiff….a bit like a brand new pair of shoes that need to be broken in. If you would like simple step by step instructions to help you learn how to play the saxophone: then check out our saxophone lessons membership options. The ease of play, affordable price, and convenient options are why more professional and music educators … However we are aware that reeds don’t last indefinitely (even synthetic reeds) but how do we know how long that is? You will need to buy more reeds though when starting out as they are easy to break. We know when to change the ink in a printer because either there is a warning indicator or else we print a page and we can immediately see there is something wrong. Clarinet and Sax Reeds. Your information is safe and will never be shared. Yes, they are expected to last for 20,000 kms/miles. Légère Reeds online store is currently available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Recently one of my wonderful Saxophone Nation Members posted a message to me inside the Members Forums here at . If after two or three total playing hours you are still battling, throw it away and try another one. For want of another analogy, saxophone reeds are a bit like tyres on your car. Buy high-quality reeds to start with. How long do VENN reeds last? Every reed manufacturer has their own system for marking a reed from soft to hard, but normally they use a scale where the strength of the reed is determined by how high the number is. Synthetic reeds lack the 'great' response you find in those few great cane reeds, but also lack the throw away need. If you store it in a good reed case, you will be able to play on it longer. 4. Ever. all provided by an experienced saxophone teacher who can help you to play the music that YOU want to play quickly and easily. Size 1½ is good to start with. For more experienced players, try a harder reed (3-3.5). You buy a box of reeds and it’s often the luck of the draw whether all, some, or even. Yes, they are expected to last for 20,000 kms/miles. - Have Fun. After that you can milk 'em a bit, but it won't really work all that well. Allow the reed to dry completely in some sort of a reed storage container. I have heard some synthetic reeds are suppose to last a year and some at least 6 months. Repeat. Most saxophones will come with all you need to start playing. (Literally if it is due to low humidity). These are al tell tale signs the reed is “on its way out.”. If this is happening it could mean the reed is swelling and distorting, in which case it can probably be cured using the method describe in the Cane Reeds page: Conditioning a Reed. Saxophone reeds can last a couple of months. How long do reeds last? A reed that is stuffy is usually that way because it was made unevenly. It’s exactly the same with saxophone reeds. – where saxophone lessons come to YOU ! I'm new to Légère, what reed should I buy? This amount of good playing time can be several days to several weeks or even months. Instagram – Facebook – Our topics here are: Minimum Tools, Reed Selection, The Breaking-in Process, Vamp and Tip Adjustment, Warps, Weather, and Continuing Adjustment. Discontinued 1/4 strengths for Classic and Studio Cut; My strength has been discontinued - what should I play now? I’ve had reeds last for months and months in this way, and can often make my best reeds last seemingly forever. The biggest problem is of course knowing when it is about to happen, as opposed to knowing that it has just happened in the middle of an important solo in front of an audience or a panel of judges. Children can go through reeds quicker as they are more prone to splitting, chipping or just breaking the reeds. Cane Reeds are extremely annoying. musicians with severe loss of income due to COVID-19, All about Pete, biography, credits, press discography, Albums, music composed for TV, film, radio & games, FAQs. If you are a little old man who only drives to the shops on Sundays, then your tyres will probably last years. Many boxes of 10 reeds will have 2-3 great reeds, 3-4 playable reeds and a few that I throw away seconds after testing them. We will never spam you. It really mostly depends on how much you use each reed. I didn’t play mine everyday but did use it as my main reed during this period of 11 months. We respect your privacy. 5. Play Saxophone. How do we know when to change the reed then? I play almost every day and my reeds lasts for two, sometimes three months. Sax pads are especially durable," said Adam. Learn to look for visible signs of reed wear: a dirty appearance, splits and divots, taking on a permanent bend (due to the mouthpiece curve contour), Make notes about your progress in regard to tone, range and response. It’s for this reason that some schools have started to use plastic reeds for their youngest beginners. Perhaps as a guide how often do you replace yours? Get started on your saxophone journey today ! Synthetic reeds are consistent. Rico By D’Addario Tenor Sax Reeds. VENN Reeds are designed to last up to 3-6 months when properly used and cared for. Home > Saxophones > Reeds & Accessories > When to Change a Reed. The reed can be cleaned periodically with water and a mild detergent. Play Saxophone. Saxophone tutorials, beginners to advanced. But sadly we don’t and the worst of it is that a reed can suddenly either die all of a sudden, or (more often) die a slow and horribly painful death possibly along with all the coughing, spluttering, rattling and squeaking you may expect form something dying. Twitter – I recently started playing again after maybe 8 years and, without thinking, used the reeds in my case. A low note that you could play quietly but now you have to honk it out? This is possibly quite true, depending on the brand and the amount a player uses it of course. But, if you drive from Sydney to Perth, or New York to Los Angeles, or Paris to Moscow and back again all in one week, then probably your tyres will only last a couple of weeks.

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