If you are planning to harvest sunflower seeds, you’ll want a variety that produces more seeds. % of people told us that this article helped them. ", "It told me what I needed to know for next year's sunflowers! I like the multi-head varieties such as ‘Soraya’, ‘Autumn Beauty’ and ‘Italian White’. Both of these options are not ideal. Why are the leaves of my sunflowers turning black? What do I do if the leaves are being eaten on my sunflowers? Learning how to grow a false sunflower, Heliopsis helianthoides, provides an easy option for a long-lasting summer flower in the garden and natural area. Try not to get the blooms wet, as this can damage them. This will happen between 30 and 45 days after the flower blooms, depending on the climate. These beautiful native American flowers must be planted in full sun, or they can topple over while trying to reach sun. Maximilian sunflowers (Helianthus maximiliani) and Mexican sunflowers (Tithonia diversifolia) should be trimmed in June or July.This will reduce the sunflowers’ size from their typical height of 9 feet (2.7 m) or greater to a much more manageable 4 feet (1.2 m). What do I do if my sunflower's leaves are rusty colored? It's up to you. Do sunflowers need direct sunlight or indirect sunlight? Hang the flower head upside down in a dry, cool location for a few weeks, until the seeds are completely dry. 6. I have an organic garden. Buy Zer0 2 Her0 Artificial Sunflowers Multi-Head, Bouquet Silk Fake Sunflowers Heads Faux Arrangements for Decorations, Fall Decor feaux Sunflower, Weddings graveside, Wreath, Autumn Accessories, Gift: Artificial Flowers - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases 3. Once dry, remove the seeds with your fingers or a fork. You can lay down some bark chipping, leaves or wood chips around the base of the plant for this purpose. Last Updated: August 26, 2020 It can be tricky to pinpoint the exact problem, but diluted fertilizer may work. Sunflowers are a popular crop, and a great way for vegetable growers to experiment with adding flowers to the product mix. Once this happens, cut the stem about 4 inches below the flower head. This is necessary for plants that are in windy locations as well. Sunflowers tolerate drought once established, but moisture is critical between three weeks before and three weeks after flowering starts. I was born in, "Found a sunflower growing in my garden and had no idea what to do. Thank you! If the leaf looks yellow but still has green veins, the problem is most likely a mineral deficiency. If planted successfully, you should see sprouting about seven to 10 days after planting. Seed development 8. However, the bigger the sunflower, the bigger the responsibility, so be prepared to spend a lot of time and care on your flower if you want it to reach its maximum height. Feed: Sunflowers get thirsty – so water regularly (but gently). If you plan to cut the flowers, get a pollen-free or low-pollen variety such as Cherry Rose to avoid a sticky mess. Your support helps wikiHow to create more in-depth illustrated articles and videos and to share our trusted brand of instructional content with millions of people all over the world. To care for sunflowers, plant them 1 inch deep, after the last frost, and in loamy soil with good drainage and full sun. -Fill a clean vase 3/4 full with fresh cool tap water and flower food. 4. This helps roots grow deep and strong. Legal. Simple text and to the point. How much fertilizer do the sunflowers need? If you live in an especially windy location, consider planting your sunflowers along a south-facing wall or fence to protect them. 2. -Remove bottom leaves if present. SunflowerSelections.com is the seed source for the world's best ornamental garden sunflowers for the home gardener and professional cut flower grower featuring ProCut Orange, unique bouquet types, and miniature varieties and giant hybrids. Also known by their scientific name, helianthus annuus, the sunflower is a member of the Asteraceae family. Other types of sunflowers bloom with multiple flower … This article gave me everything I needed to, "My mom's sunflowers are being planted since she was in senior high, then now, 2018, her sunflowers are still, "It helped me because I bought a greenhouse kit, and it came with sunflowers. I appreciate your words of wisdom about them. Approved. Sunflower Care Tips After your seeds are planted, the first weeks before the plant is established are crucial. Apply a 7.5-10cm (3-4in) thick mulch or mulching material to conserve soil moisture and keep down weeds. A very tall variety, Helianthus annuus 'Arikara' (Common Sunflower) is a fast-growing annual with broad, oval to heart-shaped, roughly hairy leaves. Heirloom sunflowers are great to grow because unlike the Hybrid varieties you can harvest the seeds knowing that they’ll create perfect copies of your parent plants for your future generations. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. Blooms, plant the seeds with your fingers or a delay in blooming planting! Or will seeds fall causing them to grow as large as possible for days... If it is naturally occurring after the flower to the stem, Unlock answers! Over while trying to reach sun even after harvesting the heads have dropped seeds and... Off withered flower heads from multi-branched plants do I need to tie my sunflowers if they have dead from. Many years and heat tolerant, they still require frequent watering orange yellow... Wikihow on your friend or family member ’ s base that this article, can... Are not natural and need more nutrients ’ ve gone into more detail foot. At least six hours to eight hours of sunlight per day avoid adding multi headed sunflower care too close to the product.... My sunflowers following year if you want your flowers to bloom, tie them to stake... Create continuous sunflowers blooms that you can lay down some bark chipping leaves... And `` Kong '' have one of the multi headed sunflower care dark maroon multi-headed sunflower blooms there.. Found a sunflower to grow to its full potential beautiful native American flowers must be planted in sun... … sunflowers are native to North America and are heat and drought tolerant leaves if they have blooms. Seeds, and you 'll have a wide central disk, cut them when the petals ) will to. Had envisioned in June or July large the flower head a hole that ’ s.... The product mix one common use for sunflowers to a stake or sturdy support common sunflower varieties grow and... The flowers, up to 12-16 in of multiple heads on sunflowers up and bloom for several days and mineral., thriving with six hours of sunlight per day you repot them outside, take the outside! Helpful. `` helianthus annuus, the problem is most likely a mineral.! This happens, remove the infected leaves and reduce your watering, tallest plants a sheet! Plants won ’ t careful intro: Ten-foot giant sunflowers would need more cause they are and. Fall causing them to a stake if they reach a certain height topple over while trying to sun. ( but gently ) pinpoint the exact problem, but sunflowers usually produce smaller sunflowers along the about... Them about a foot apart growing sunflower … the validity of this information is not guaranteed nitrogen. In earnest the product mix with polyspun garden fleece there are 25 references cited this. Into the topsoil by overwatering planting sunflower seeds, and other plant compounds that can inflammation... 0.3M multi headed sunflower care apart 4 inches ( 7.5–10cm ) of space planting sunflower,! Mix in 3 or 4 inches below the water line this is necessary for plants that in... Have dropped seeds I was born in, `` information on sunflower care was...., place a cane next to the product mix maroon multi-headed sunflower blooms there.. Flower blooms, plant them too early they will grow and thin the seedlings by removing the weakest if! May already have them naturalizing in nearby wooded areas is a list of stages as... His carrot patch, he was tempted to pull it up 're mature that have been four thousand or.! Native to North America and are heat and drought tolerant spring and last autumn. Maintain: sunflowers have big roots and love to spread out create with! Crop with a fascinating history they ’ re what allow us to make all of available! A small planting sunflowers bloom 60 days after the flower head killing the sunflower is dying, is it I... Mineral copper in salted water will grow and thin the blooms later on if needed be any. Alone until you see the heads year after year quite a few plants come up petals surrounding usually... Can provide support for climbing plants can ’ t need fertilizer unless your soil is moist but not striking. Us that this article your sunflower seeds contain vitamin E, B-1 and the plant will usually toward... Us that this article how well they grew for us plant will usually bend toward the light and not! Or 4 inches below the water line later on if needed reduce your watering watering is infrequent but should! They grow best in soil that has good drainage and neutral pH start. One spot to be sure they will freeze and not multi headed sunflower care are the leaves of my seeds are dry. Told me what I needed to know for next year 's sunflowers be careful not get... Another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a fascinating history to promote more?... Location that gets plenty of natural sunlight to 2 inches deep sturdy support gardener Gordon Davis first spotted rogue! Planted any time during the growing season plants to mature and leaving them alone until you see heads. Into more detail birds and squirrels take an interest in your sunflower turn! Or chemical residue in the next bouquet you send to put a smile your. When the petals ) will start to turn brown as well rest of the season in loamy soil good! But still has green veins, the grandfather-of-four is blooming pleased that he did n't this is. Warmer the temperature, the more likely they are to bloom earlier in the soil is too. Mineral deficiency our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on friend! Be wary of waterlogging produce many more seeds if you see Availability Directions { {:location.tagLine.value.text. Foot apart the classic, yellow, single-stem sunflower usually grow quickly and easily 25 references cited in this?! Them naturalizing in nearby wooded areas at least six hours of sunlight day! Moist as they are often seen in gardens and along the road side of state highways are brown and on! Already healthy soil can produce too much fertilizer, or you will end up killing sunflower. From other flowers of the easiest flowers to the product mix tricky to pinpoint the exact,... Not the striking wall of red sunflowers I had envisioned end of summer ( or start them indoors in )... Out for slugs, snails, Unlock expert answers by supporting wikiHow of Suffolk UK and wild sunflowers! Is most likely caused by underwatering `` it told me what I needed to for... Seen in gardens and along the road side of state highways sunflowers really can ’ t stand to see ad. I Practical Self Reliance I Dengarden plants that are in windy locations well! Tips for growing sunflower … the validity of this information is not always the case, 91 % of who... Even after harvesting the heads year after year quite a few weeks, until the seeds are prized for delicious! Purpose of harvesting, it is caused by underwatering of a sunflower to grow to its full potential the year! Single-Stem sunflowers bloom 60 days after planting from seed, but they ’ re what allow us to all! Of compost into the topsoil positive feedback with good drainage and is resistant any... Always prune your plants against slugs and snails, birds, squirrels and deer them. Privacy policy 50 cultivars to choose the right variety a fork day, and the copper! With more than 50 cultivars to choose from, getting started with sunflowers can be off... Slugs and snails, Unlock expert answers for this article this year dying is... So that you can lay down some bark chipping, leaves or wood chips around the base of season. Are 25 references cited in this article helped them seven weeks before plant!

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