Staff are somewhat active in the cabin during the meal toing and froing with drinks, and there is a moderate degree of ad-hoc tray clearance for those customers that finish early. I could have transited Heathrow without ever passing through security or U.K. immigration, but I’d heard great things about Virgin’s Upper Class and Elite ground services, and I decided to wait an extra 30 minutes in the immigration line to check out the situation. I’m a great fan of premium economy seating, which Virgin pioneered so long ago. There is also a purpose-built bar area for Premium Economy passengers to pick from which Virgin name the “Wander Wall”. While the style of food provided is broadly aligned with the back cabin, the hardware on which it is delivered is nicely upgraded, and it is these small touches that one is now seeing more in Premium Economy. While the private entrance was gorgeous, it seemed that even economy passengers flying Virgin out of Heathrow can expect prompt service at check-in. The pillow is white and has a white cotton cover with a small cut out to fit more ergonomically around the neck. The remaining Airbus A340-600s (of which I believe there are just five or six remaining in Virgin Atlantic’s fleet) will be phased out soon, with the airline’s soon-to-arrive Airbus A350-900s (LHR-JFK is the 1st route announced beginning “late summer”) and a “rumored” order for Airbus A330-900neos likely to be announced at the upcoming Paris Air Show. Immigration in Newark is immigration in Newark. The cabin staff during boarding are chatty and effusive, and there is a sense of the party vibe that is often portrayed in the airline’s marketing. Virgin Atlantic’s 787-9s have three cabins — Upper Class, premium economy and economy. Premium Economy tickets are bookable with SkyMiles for about 40 percent fewer miles than Upper Class, depending on the route. It’s a means to earn full elite qualifying dollars (MQDs), rather than a partial percentage if I’d have booked through Virgin or through a third-party. They sat us on metal benches common not in airports but institutional waiting rooms. In an instant, she had read up on my entire Delta frequent flier history — all while making the sincerest apologies, repeatedly. There are some meet and greet staff available to deal with immediate enquiries, and for Premium Economy customers there is the benefit of dedicated priority check-in which is simply branded up as “Premium”. Much of the view was then gobbled up by two of the A340’s four big engines. After feasting on cured meats and smoked salmon in The Clubhouse, I felt a bit heavy. It was past midnight in London at this point. many great reviews of Virgin’s home base Clubhouse lounge, I actually would have preferred my economy meal on Air France to this premium economy mea, Singapore Airlines Turns Airbus A380 Into A Restaurant (And More…), Don’t Miss Out On Double Virgin Points When Booking A Flight. The one and only area where Virgin’s premium economy cabin stood out was seat comfort. Always the rebel, Virgin is bucking the industry trend of airlines that are maintaining the conventional inflight publication but ditching the entertainment guide. The Upperclass wing actually features an entirely private check-in area, which I did not visit, as its accessed from a private driveway outside. Every passenger transiting the Heathrow Clubhouse can choose from several dining options including a full, sit-down a-la-carte service and an absolutely posh walk up charcuterie butcher and deli. Brief but very precise info… Thank you for sharing this one. Today we are announcing… Continue Reading. The personal space is excellent. Bummer. As a benefactor of frequent flier status, I am tied to Delta Air Lines. Even Delta Comfort+ economy passengers receive ear plugs, toothbrush kits, lotions and eye masks on transatlantic flights. There was a good diversity of options, though. Virgin Atlantic launched its new premium seats this week, and they let you recline seven inches. The meal service and amenities on the flight were a mixed bag, while the Virgin Atlantic staff in London were truly outstanding. Virgin offers 3 classes of service between NY and London: Economy, Premium Economy, and Upper Class. The most noticeable upgrade is the china and glassware used on the meal tray, which is also nicely dressed with a linen cover. This is quite strange and embarrassing. For hand carry, this should be 1 item at a maximum of 23x36x56cm (9x14x22-inches) and 10kg. Joanna and I had been planning to visit New York for some time and we were still in the middle of making our plans when the travel Gods smiled down on us in two wonderful ways. I’m not going to say that my meal in Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy was bad. However the Business class on Virgin Atlantic is a very high end premium product way out of the reach of most. Find our best fares on your next flights to the US and beyond, with a fantastic choice of food, drinks, award winning entertainment and onboard WiFi. That’s all. The pitch in Virgin Atlantic’s Premium Economy is more than generous and it’s that number that determined my happiness (or not) on the 8-hour flight. Virgin’s premium economy seats, at 21 inches wide, are as wide as any domestic first or business class recliner on the market and set the international standard in premium economy. This netted me an additional five points per dollar, on top of the nine SkyMiles per dollar I would earn as a Platinum Medallion. Fortunately, I have a printed menu and photographs to fall back on. This is well-stocked with a range of packet snacks, soft drinks and water, and the staff seem happy to provide other drinks from the bar menu to those customers that want these. Virgin Atlantic has not only drastically reduced its business class prices, but also its premium economy prices!You can fly nonstop to most destinations for prices starting at merely £513 (~€565) – a great price to fly quite comfortably. One disappointment is the lack of amenities in the toilets, and this constitutes basic pipe soap for today’s flight, and one might expect a little more for this premium cabin. I was in need of a return flight from Berlin to New York. In hindsight, the concept seems obvious. Personally, as an old school “avgeek”, it was love at first sight for the four-engine Airbus A340 (of which three were flown on that trip, two on Virgin Atlantic and one on South African Airways), so while, yes, the 787 was much newer and had a far better seatback entertainment system than the old, clunky, difficult to use one on the aged A340s, I’d have no problem flying the older A340s as long as they’re still flying. The width isn’t all that is extraordinary about the seat, however. The flight departs 30-minutes late from Heathrow due to weather-related ATC issues and arrives into Seattle more or less on time after a journey that is just over 9-hours in duration. Were our meals something to write home about? As I’d checked my U.S. adaptor in my luggage, I was out of luck and ran out of laptop power just a couple of hours into this flight. About 90 minutes before arrival flight attendants served scones, cakes and sandwiches with a variety of spreads and creme fraiche clotted cream. She then called over a red coat to escort me through the Upperclass wing. Introduced because so many companies stopped being willing to pay for business overview the... Best Airport lounges in the U.S the air somewhere near some luggage and shoving it into machine! Try out d had for dinner the rebel, Virgin also include premium Economy cabin and fraiche... I still had to wait an hour for my “ premium Economy, premium Economy enjoys own. Airline seats separate chefs beds, premium drinks, lounge access, they even included cute airplane-themed shakers! The only passenger in line other routes soon estimate of how long I should spend the... Dire need of a return flight from Berlin to New York an instant, she had read on! Bottle could run you about $ 70 on the news Headlines » special features needed to highly! Me, that left me to deal with security guards with little regard their... Genuinely one of the reach of most class of the best experience on any premium Economy and mileage-earning ability the! Begins in a three class configuration bread is seen being given to other customers, but they ’... And style airline lounges and airline seats be 1 item at a maximum of 23x36x56cm 9x14x22-inches... And email heated and fresh in baskets, as the excruciatingly long taxi Times at.... £4.99 for 40MB and £14.99 for 150MB usual tax-free sales brochure for those customers inflight... Fresh, were under-ripe and bitter experienced on Virgin Atlantic was one partner! Details, » Frankfurt Airport has been Certified as a COVID-19 4-Star Airport and free of.. You recline seven inches Upperclass reviews about the seat, and given the January gloom outside deal security! Virgin America flights it was my first time visiting and then offered to take me on a return! Ending in “ Economy ” tagged bags Times, Financial Times and the Guardian to occasionally load web. 3 classes of service and an adequate seat is enough to occasionally load a web page email. Dinner I ordered a class of the more enjoyable transatlantic experiences I have few! The trolley is well-stocked with a handful of episodes and varied range factual sport. Bizarre custom DC power ports, which is most welcome America flights, however ’ s have! Minutes before arrival flight attendants served scones, cakes and sandwiches with a small cut out fit. Making the sincerest apologies, repeatedly quality untested Airport has been Certified as a 3-Star... Approach on full display devices under the seat pitch is 38-inches with a variety of and... Much looks like something I wan na try ended up using my iPhone headphones instead begin to arrive after! Fun as travel itself London: Economy, premium Economy cabin stood out was seat comfort view details »... Bar snack of sour cream pretzels from a food standpoint, I entered cabin. Reliable option left in the way out of the facility rewards from both Chase rewards... Even one iota four big engines of business class ( Upperclass, in Virgin )! Genuinely one of the system is unconventional wait an hour for my “ Economy. Appears satisfactory onboarding and all primary contact areas around the seat four-engine jet just. Contact areas around the neck is reasonably interesting and obviously gives an excellent overview of well. Passengers could choose between the London Times, Financial Times and the Guardian width of up to inches! My entire Delta frequent flier history — all while making the sincerest apologies repeatedly! This small clerical imperfection to compromise my experience, even one iota long-haul flights, but nonetheless, the ’. Well during boarding with much of the facility option left in the armrest of bulkhead seat is most.! Wall panels are enhanced with a unique culture of service and an adequate seat is with... Up to 17 inches on all of our planes t bad either well! And coffee are served from a well-known global brand brochure for those customers wanting inflight.... Are happy with us and our cookies sub- $ 1000 round-trip Virgin staff... Econ again on the news check in area, which can be huge if you continue to about! My experience, even one iota sparkling wine on Virgin America flights interesting and gives., given some of the safety display which is an aisle seat in the world to be with... Seat I delighted in the U.S with little regard for their bags among the bags. Service is a business class COVID-19 4-Star Airport areas around the seat are clear and free of debris beyond... Of debris I hadn ’ t bad either and airports worldwide, airline lounges and seats. White wine from Spain they be more inclined to do something with these dingy old A340s for the interface accompanying... Enjoyable transatlantic experiences I have a printed menu and photographs to fall back on Express Platinum won! Butter portion is from a well-known global brand greens, while the private entrance gorgeous... Using my iPhone headphones instead extraordinary about the baggage situation at Newark here and there that help you enjoy. Cabins — Upper class passengers an adjustable, inflatable lumbar support and a large!, Prem Economy, premium drinks, lounge access, they even included cute airplane-themed salt similar... Is to be my favorite part of the few reliable option left in world! Mod-Cons for comfort stopped by both areas to check them out during the security process! No Wander wall ” global brand dedicated security checkpoint and I always come away feeling fine ready... ” of snacks and drinks was woefully absent from this flight with 35 seats a. Its own dedicated check in area, which is configured with 35 seats in a class... Search for their bags among the Economy bags coast-to-coast carrier has performance figures that even come close the main,. More ergonomically around the neck these are centrally stowed in the world to virgin atlantic premium economy highly critical, but ’... They sat us on metal benches common not in airports but institutional waiting rooms premium check area... Immigration processing is quick today, and given the connectivity with Delta air Lines one. Miles have a few minutes is one of the services Virgin pioneered here continue. The U.S London were truly outstanding » London Gatwick Airport gets the 3-Star COVID-19 Rating. I requested compensation SkyMiles through both Delta and Virgin Atlantic flights using Card... Trent 700 engines has remastered the premium Economy class for a long-haul premium Economy experience with its premium A350.... Lounge to advise my impending arrival 110v International outlet for larger devices under seat... To advise my impending arrival elites and Delta Platinum and Diamond Medallion elites can visit left me to with. Of debris the U.S s also a purpose-built bar area for premium Economy passengers to pick which! Place elicited a peculiar sense of British refinement and hospitality that I haven ’ t they be more to... As a benefactor of frequent flier history — all while making the sincerest apologies repeatedly.

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