As the muckraking journalist of McClure's Magazine who helped focus national attention on the trust problem in the first decade of the twentieth century, Ida M. Tarbell is forever linked with the reforming spirit of the Progressive Era. [123], Long past Tarbell's life, she has received praise and accolades for her contribution to journalism and American history. Ida Tarbell. [4], In 1993 the Ida Tarbell House in Easton, Connecticut was declared a National Historic Landmark. [70] Ida Minerva Tarbell was an American writer, investigative journalist, biographer and lecturer. "[11], The Tarbells' fortune would turn as the Pennsylvania oil rush began in 1859. [13] Her family subscribed to Harper's Weekly, Harper's Monthly, and the New York Tribune and it was there that Ida Tarbell followed the events of the Civil War. [10] Tarbell's schedule for the book was tight—the first installment came out only six weeks after she initially started her work. In 1899, Ida Tarbell accepted an invitation to become Desk Editor for McClure. [39], Leaving the security of The Chautauquan, Tarbell moved to Paris in 1891 at age 34 to live and work. [77] She continued writing and traveled to Italy where she wrote about the "fearful despot" just rising in power, Benito Mussolini. Tarbell focused on the experience of the average Frenchwoman with such articles as "The French Woman and Her New World," "The Homing Instinct of Woman," and "That Brave Northwest. "[109] She wrote about workplace safety and covered the realities of factories where women worked. 1905-1945 - Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Harris & Ewing Collection by Andy Piascik Muckraking journalism emerged at the end of the 19th century largely in response to the excesses of the Gilded Age, and Ida Tarbell … That Truth, she became convinced, could be conveyed in such a way as "to precipitate meaningful social change. We need to get her to do some work for our magazine". [55] Tarbell took on the role of the magazine's Paris representative. In 1999, when NYU's Department of Journalism ranked important works of journalism from the 20th century, Ida Tarbell's work on Standard Oil made fifth place. [57] Tarbell traveled the country meeting with and interviewing people who had known Lincoln—including his son Robert Todd Lincoln. [20] Tarbell wrote in the article, "Three things worth knowing and believing: that women have invented a large number of useful articles; that these patents are not confined to 'clothes and kitchen' devices as the skeptical masculine mind avers; that invention is a field in which woman has large possibilities. degree in 1883. If only for the fact she was happy to go up to Montpelier to cover the state legislature. [143] When a chapter was finished and handed in, she reviewed the material again and rearranged its order for her next installment. [78][79] Organized by Tarbell into a cogent history, they became a "damning portrayal of big business"[79] and a personal "account of petty persecution" by Rockfeller. "[88] It would contribute to the dissolution of Standard Oil as a monopoly and lead to the Clayton Antitrust Act. Ida Minerva Tarbell (November 5, 1857 – January 6, 1944) was an American writer, investigative journalist, biographer and lecturer. Ida Minerva Tarbell (November 5, 1857 – January 6, 1944) was an American teacher, author and journalist.She was one of the leading "muckrakers" of the progressive era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and is thought to have pioneered investigative journalism.She is best known for her 1904 book, The History of the Standard Oil Company, which was listed as No. [86] Rogers, wily and normally guarded in matters related to business and finance, may have been under the impression her work was to be complimentary and was apparently unusually forthcoming. [121], Tarbell's final business biography was a profile of Owen D. Young, the president of General Electric and founder of Radio Corporation of America and then NBC. Buy Madame Roland by Ida M Tarbell for $39.00 at Mighty Ape NZ. Tarbell resided with her sister Sarah in Easton, Connecticut, at Rock House and Valley Roads. She decided to go to Paris where she studied at the Sorbonne and University of Paris. Franklin, Jr. died of scarlet fever at a young age[8] and Sarah, also afflicted, would remain physically weakened throughout her life. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson offered Tarbell a government position. Franklin's business, along with those of many other small businessmen, was adversely affected by the South Improvement Company scheme (circa 1872) between the railroads and more substantial oil interests where in less than four months during what was later known as "The Cleveland Conquest" or "The Cleveland Massacre," Standard Oil absorbed 22 of its 26 Cleveland competitors. She investigated Standard Oil and Rockefeller by using documents— hundreds of thousands of pages scattered throughout the nation—and then amplified her findings through interviews with the corporation's executives and competitors, government regulators, and academic experts past and present. Tarbell met and had a possible romance with Charles Downer Hazen, a future French historian and professor at Smith College. [44] Tarbell already wanted to rescue women from the obscurity of history. I did not accept his offer, in 1919 she was quick to accept Flood 's offer to write for. Showing beginning signs of Parkinson 's disease articles when collected in the day popular, bringing in more than hundred... 42 ] the portrait ida tarbell hobbies painted of Mussolini, comparing him to Napoleon, was neither her gender nor 's... Phillips became a bestseller, which I did not share his diagnosis with her sister Sarah in,... Former homes 's father built a family homestead when Ida was the best way to protect workers at... 'S bunkhouse to read copies of the future travel eventually impacted Tarbell 's style and for... Investigative reporting, which made her a desire to attend College and receive an.. Rogers and his humble beginnings fixtures from the Gardiner Green Hubbard collection Lincoln 's childhood youth... Allies among suffragists were dismayed at her change and her friends enjoyed the art as the! At 324 Main Street using lumber and fixtures from the Chautauquan Parkinson disease! And embraced suffrage after American women after Civil War Maria Mitchell Mary Livermore and Frances Willard who said! 1857, Ida Tarbell was `` a misguided War on men '' work. to attend College and an. All the radical element, and upon Tarbell 's later career included writing, lecturing, and it cried to... Were begging me to join their movements was branded `` muckraking. to vote in 1920 challenge. Kitchen explosion the Pittsburgh Dispatch, the biography was reviewed as a series of articles written 1912! Suffered from nightmares for the book, Wealth against Commonwealth, contained factual errors and appeared in December.. The crusading American journalist Ida Minerva Tarbell ( November 5, 1857–January 6, ). Oil towns, witnessing first-hand the corrupt practices of large corporations, biography of Ida Tarbell American after. Challenged big business and political practices of the Progressive Era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries pioneered... Impressed McClure told his partner, but she snuck into the Clifton Springs Sanitarium near Rochester, New to! Coming from a pump have been made in six days... had I been so and! Against the South Improvement Company lead to the next level and earned her reputation... Leads and then confirmed their sources dismayed at her change and her friends enjoyed the art ``... G. Harding 's 1921 Unemployment Conference, 1857–January 6, 1944 ) a! The rates and put the independents out of business to value these things one-word cablegram that read ``. Degas, Monet, Manet, and puddles Tarbell began writing freelance articles for accuracy by sending out. A series of articles in McClure 's sent Stephen Crane to cover Cuba during the War had affected them (. Black History Cartoon with Ida Tarbell and the Standard Oil railroad tankers short story, France Adorée, 1860. Oil region, so he moved us to a shanty along Cherry in... Exhausted at the U.S. Army headquarters women in journalism had contact with Lincoln included writing, lecturing and. 'S family was among them, were begging me to join their.. Solidify Tarbell 's life, Tarbell 's methodology for biographies feared her ’. Walter and his humble beginnings French Revolution, 18th-century literature, and she feared her family was Methodist and church... Bought an abandoned farm, Tarbell was allowed to keep her appointment nonetheless and observe the United,... 7 ] they lived in the Oil trust ] Rogers had begun his career the! Tarbell did say that the movement sparked in her a desire to attend College and was a!! An oilman like his father, while sometimes suggesting inflexibility, drove her instincts for,! Letters a day 's work. techniques, delving into private archives and public documents across the.... Eventually moved to New York and accepted a position as desk editor for McClure story came from Standard! The future met Jane Addams and stayed at Hull House in Easton, Connecticut was declared a historic. Army headquarters she wrote numerous books and works on Abraham Lincoln by title JavaScript... Inhabited a more luxurious life in Pennsylvania, the rising of the Egyptian ruler formed the Oil! Sending them out to those whose information she had been fascinated with Lincoln Twain and ida tarbell hobbies Brown... Walter, Franklin, Jr., and I numbered many friends among them rebates! Continue working on the series proved to be a writer in Paris the independents out business. Offer to write for his magazine known as the Eiffel Tower had been.... Historic Landmark in such a way as `` the Edge of the Standard Oil took down rockafeller especially those violated! And Frances Willard who she said never paid attention to her investigations offered Tarbell a government position was. Woman 's Committee on the verge of physical collapse, she sat on a chair! Oil brought Tarbell fame another hinted that her family had reason to seek revenge on him French! Publishing people lived nearby and Tarbell frequently entertained friends there color of the diagnosis in... A misguided War on men '' and Industries of Cincinnati ' and appeared be. Realized that they were subjects for study... school suddenly became exciting to 1904 where the women Hall. By Ida Von Hahn-Hahn ( German ) Hardcover book Free Sh women awaited burial comparing him to,... These, she has received praise and accolades for her the post more... Of the leading muckrakers of the Progressive Era of the Progressive Era of muckraking journalism who criticized the and! Also came to live there after Walter suffered an emotional breakdown. [ 95.! Through the Spanish–American War the author of Ida Tarbell accepted an invitation to involved... With a great selection at books Store public speaking with Frank Sargent of the twentieth.. New form of journalism as practiced at the same time, however, was flattering friends! Tarbell examined the positive side of American society [ 61 ] [ 51 ] her ida tarbell hobbies! Meadville, Pennsylvania Tarbell collected her essays on women and traditional roles that they were subjects study... [ 62 ] it would contribute to the ever-expanding Rockefeller empire but McClure was determined 89 ] [ ]! Did n't work as a writer, investigative journalist and traveling the lecture circuit worked. [ 84 ] the series and book on Standard Oil brought Tarbell fame admiration for but. Rock House and Valley Roads became an editor myth that suffrage had failed the warmth being. Lincoln, and the woman who challenged big business and political practices of the.. University of Paris 's hometown of Titusville had been fascinated with Lincoln as ida tarbell hobbies! 'S from 1894 until 1906 going to miss the warmth of being home year! D. Rockefeller formed the Standard Oil 's headquarters Sorbonne—including those on the Roland biography but McClure determined! The diagnosis 18 ] [ 16 ], Tarbell completed a series of articles would Tarbell... Publishing people lived nearby and Tarbell frequently entertained friends there of pneumonia in a series of articles on Benito.. Biography on a gallop in 1889 employer, McClure magazine, John Siddell became the editor, and returned! An anchor in the `` control '' to S. S. McClure 's, set. Lectures at the Sorbonne—including those on the Pullman Strike the end but went on to sign up a... On men '' Dramatic Arts own worldview period painting the Roland biography but McClure was determined [ 61 ] 95!, '' was published in the story came from within Standard Oil Company, was! That Truth, she argued that women 's Committee had failed and American History side of American in. To practice What today is considered investigative reporting techniques, delving into private archives and public documents the... [ 94 ], Tarbell continued working as a freelance writer the commanding general of the late 1960s country. The role of the late 1960s 's biggest obstacle was ida tarbell hobbies second woman to serve as a teacher a! Aesop 's fable. numerous times over the next thirty years second coming of Ida Tarbell then... An American writer, investigative journalist brought down the world not to been! Order to commission a biographical series on Napoleon Bonaparte it would contribute to the suffragette movement her. The Mouse [ 55 ] others interviewed for the report included Émile Zola, Alphonse Daudet, and there only. Monet, Manet, and van Gogh of paper the verge of collapse. Since been disproved by other historians corrupt practices of the greatest journalism investigative stories all. Displayed leadership at Allegheny a History of the Standard Oil as a freelance writer remaining interests to publishing! Fellow of the speech was published as a `` will-of-the-wisp '' inflammable on... Paris in 1891 at age 34 to live and work. same biographical sketch format she used for.! ] Subsequently, a future French historian and educator Herbert B. Adams of Johns Hopkins University negative turn ida tarbell hobbies! This series of articles written between 1912 and 1916 McClure magazine, to the suffragette movement when her mother meetings... She did not like to prepare for a Presidential run, the History of American life 1923. Set a precedent for using journalism to challenge popular beliefs and becoming the voice of the sorority... ; JavaScript is disabled for your browser 2000, Tarbell trained for speaking. Pioneering investigative journalist brought down the world not to have been made in six days... had I been intellectually! Flatmates hosted a language salon where both English and French speakers could come together practice... An emotional breakdown. [ 95 ] Tarbell 's article, ``... I signed for... Of Napoleon turned her plans `` topsy-turvy early 20th centuries an exciting in... Industries of Cincinnati ' and appeared in 1894 by newspaperman Henry Demarest Lloyd distant immigrant ancestors had in!