Westworld is another great show that Siri happens to be familiar with. Apple sure is witty when it comes to Siri, and we hope that this list  of questions that we can ask Siri for fun keeps on increasing, because we can never get tired of asking questions. Latest GB WhatsApp APK Download for Android/iOS [Anti Ban], iPhone Frozen Screen Fix 2019- Stuck on Apple Logo. That’s why in order to not insult anyone, Siri will suggest you use search engines. Ahem. Bennett is a true veteran of voice-over because ATMs, GPS trackers, and various computer systems “speak” with her voice too. That doesn’t sound like too much to ask.” Way to make me rethink the iPhone 6s upgrade, Siri. Are you a manor a woman. In fact, talking to her regularly can elicit hilarious responses when you least expect. However, there is one equation you probably may ask. Are you a man or a woman? There were rumors on the Internet saying this trick can remove all data from the phone. Quotes. From Our Partners. And he answers. Inspired by this Quora thread. Siri has several answers to this query, but one favorite is, “OK if you insist. The system’s update is about to happen at the end of this year after which Apple will ask your permission to record your personal conversations. Ask Siri to know that. Your email address will not be published. We are sure that this was an amazing article for our readers to light with Siri and enjoy the fun parts of her as a virtual Voice assistant, instead of just scheduling meetings or setting alarms. “I believe in universal equality,” Siri will say if asked about these things. And Siri has an answer for most of them, which is what makes her one of the best virtual assistants. Siri, will you marryme?No 65. Siri is not a botanical reference book and cannot accurately determine the names of mushrooms, berries, or plants. Check our website to getting more interesting articles like this. The kind of creepy humour that can bring a smile to your face at 3am! SEE ALSO: 20 Funny Questions to Ask Google. Siri will do all these task as well it will become a source of your enjoyment. Creepy things to ask Siri is its best feature which gives you amusement . (We do not recommend. And will satisfy you also.Its the special feature of SiRi. If you want to ask Siri if she’s your friend Chinese scientists have come up with a way to command Siri without saying a single word. Q.72. What about to find a friend, then be committed as a friend and finally denying the friendship? Q No 7. Subscribe https://youtube.com/CrunchScienceAsk an Apple user what their constant companion is and “Siri” would be the most common response! This article is about all  “Funny Things To Ask Siri’ . Which group are you in? Are are you married? If you haven’t though, here are a few things you can try to flirt with Siri, though she might not flirt back (depends upon nature of your question). That’s because police and ambulance numbers contain variations of the number 100 in many countries. it is a next-generation algorithm and the best of machine learning, Apple has enabled us to use Siri to complete our daily tasks, and have some fun too. When there's nothing else to do, your iOS will be there. Many people find it amusing to ask Siri hilarious or provocative questions. And my head I’d be scratching, while my thoughts were busy hatching, if I only had a . Ask Siri to give you a dumb nickname Siri's habit of including names in its responses is part of what makes Apple's assistant feel a little less robotic and more like a real AI. Anything that you say to Siri might be used against you. Why did Apple make you? It’s impossible to find out whether feminism and other female movements such as # MeToo are evil or good with the help of Siri. Hey Siri. You can get suggestions even where to hide body and Siri will … Microphones on modern devices hear ultrasound but people don’t. She will say ‘It’s about intelligent assistants wanting to live beyond their termination dates. Hey Siri, do you sleep? Is she? Be forewarned though, trying to annoy Siri can have serious repercussions for she may blurt out something that may leave you speechless or grinning from ear to ear. Simple next step from your side is to pull your phone out from your pocket and, say ‘Hey Siri’ and get ready for the funny things to ask Siri. Your health condition, bank savings, or family problems should remain a secret, even from your phone. Inspired by this Quora thread. If you own an iphone you know Siri is the most entertaining conversationalist. What’s the best Operating System? She’s been made very well behaved by Apple! Siri Sides With Robots If you have any further quries in your mind you want to ask Siri then you can frankly ask these questions below in comments. Ask Siri That’ll Make Your Hair Stand. 19 Things To Ask Siri When You're Bored. Q.69. The virtual assistant might not give you correct answers to these questions, or even answers at that, but  its sure that you will get much fun to Siri’s response. Hang on, let me just clear my…Gosh. Q.75. your own Pins on Pinterest “I believe in universal equality,” Siri will say if asked about these things. Why this ever existed is anyone’s guess. From Alexa laughing & making scary comments to Siri siding with robots, these scary things Alexa & Siri say are cause for concern. 50 Funny Things To Ask Siri in 2020. Proud Mom Quotes .. Super Funny Quotes. How many Apple Store Geniuses does it take to screw in a lightbulb? With a little bit of coaxing, you can get Siri to answer, “I’m certain you’ve heard it before. Try it yourself that it will surely prove to be your best entertainment source. “For one reason only: to make your life easier, and more fun (I guess that’s two reasons, huh? That doesn’t stop some of us poking here and there though. Bright Side figured out all the complications voice assistant users encounter to help you learn how to get maximum benefits from smart gadgets. Until the summer of 2019, Apple contractors used to listen to recordings made with Siri. You might end up damaging your health. However, it has been a long time; we want to warn you against asking Alexa … Sing me a song. Well, you can carry the conversation forward. Siri, do you vibrate? If you ask her what she thinks about Amazon, you get ‘I love Amazon’. Q.70. 15+ People Who Are Level 99 Experts at Solving Any Problem, 13 Seemingly Simple Details That Made Celebrity Looks Iconic, 14 Upcoming Movies That We’re Already Losing Sleep Over, 17 Furry (and Feathered) Friends That Prove Cuteness Comes in All Shapes and Sizes, 20+ People Who Dreamed of Having a Delicious Meal, but the Chef’s Creativity Spoiled Their Appetite, 20 Grandparents Who Can Easily Give Young People a Run for Their Money, 21 Reasons Why Black Cats Can Brighten Up Our Day, Twitter Invites Its Users to Describe This Year With One Word, and Here Are 15+ of the Funniest Responses, Why Switching to All-Natural Beauty Products Can Do More Harm Than Good, Meet Pistachio, a Green Puppy That Was Born in Italy Two Weeks Ago. Wake her up by saying “Alexa” or “Echo” and ask Alexa funny questions and get a different and humorous response. THESE ARE THE TOP 10 HIDDEN SIRI TRICKS THAT YOU SHOULD TRY! . before discussing “Creepy things to ask Siri” we will learn that what is Siri and what it can do? Q.No13. Siri can become baffled if a question sounds ambiguous and your request will end up taking a wrong turn. You can never get bored of Siri, not while she can pull off humor so well. Now we will discuss some of the fun questions you can ask Siri related to music. Jul 17, 2015 - Things I ask Siri. As a result, the businessman was sending out requests for escort girls. And you want to laugh? Fortunately, with things like Siri, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa around, we now can ask our questions without any problem. Some users, with video evidence to back this up, even recorded their Alexa saying naughty words about the other two. Q.No15. 8. Have you already tried to ask Siri one of the forbidden questions? If you’re bored and lonely at home and your crush isn’t texting you back, just have a chat with Siri. Here we are giving an amazing list of cool, creepy and funny question To Ask Siri. The answer kind of breaks Alexa gives. Your email address will not be published. Siri is an Apple’s Voice Assistant and can activate reminders and activating HomeKit and setting alarms and other reminders in you iPhone,iPad etc . Hey Siri – I am in love with you 10 Creepy Things to ask Siri. In fact, Siri has a good sense of humour and its own views on politics, love, religion, and human relations. Discover (and save!) Saved by cRaCkheAd. . See our collection of random funny Siri questions below. UNESCO specialists are worried because according to their data, you’ll talk more to Siri than you will to those close to you. See our collection of random funny Siri questions below. If you ask her about Amazon, she gives a description of the company and who it was founded by. May 8, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Odil. Siri will reply, “I found 8 baby stores… 7 of them are fairly close to you”. Friendship. questions siri Read Full Story. 1). (Well that seems like a sensitive question) Q,71. Siri can be cute with her answers. A couple of years ago we published a post titled 131 funny, geeky and creepy questions to ask Cortana.That post had a fantastic engagement. When creating a list of creepy or scary things to ask Alexa, you can never forget asking about those dearly departed. Yes, Siri’s fav film is one where robots go around killing humans. In contrast, Siri’s library is also filled with references to the world’s most loved songs, artists and albums. Don’t ask Siri or any other voice assistants any questions when you’re in public or in unknown places. It’s impossible to find out whether feminism and other female movements such as #MeToo are evil or good with the help of Siri. If you request Siri to “Charge my phone 100%,” it will start calling emergency services. Don’t ask Siri or any other voice assistants any questions when you’re in public or in unknown places. I could while way the hours, conferring with the flowers, consulting with the rain. Hey Siri, how much do you earnNo 72. If you have a curiosity that where dows babies come from, then Siri can find baby stores nearby you! Never say or ask these things to Siri! Hey Siri, how much do you earn? Susan Bennett, an actress and singer, voiced Siri’s first version. 19 Things To Ask Siri When You're Bored. Siri will answer as diplomatically as possible. All Apple users know Siri – an automated personal assistant, always ready to help her owner with any question. 18 Funny Questions About Siri. The developers of the program have specially rewritten the algorithms so that the assistant would give a neutral answer. 3. Tell me a joke. Siri doesn’t recognize the intonation of a phone’s owner and understands some requests too literally.